Our Services

We offer the following custom services:

Custom Smoking – $3.00/lb

  • Fish can be smoked in the following brines: Regular, Brown Sugar, Lemon Pepper, Cajun
  • Smoked with a blend of maple, apple and cherry woods
  • No added preservatives
  • Available upon request: Extra or light smoke, light salt

Current Custom Smoking Schedule

  • There is a minimum three day turnaround for custom smoking. Our process requires 1 day to thaw, 1 day to brine and 1 day to smoke.

To pick up your custom smoked fish on a Wednesday, please have your fish dropped off by the previous Sunday.

To pick up your custom smoked fish on a Saturday, please have your fish dropped off by the previous Wednesday.


Other Custom Services:

Freezing – $0.50/fish/day

Cleaning and/or filleting fish – Depends on type of fish

Vacuum Sealing – $1.00/Bag

  • You determine the portions you would like your fish sealed (Example – 1 fillet per bag, 2 person portions, 1 pound packages, etc.)
  • Due to the risk of botulism, we do not vacuum seal smoked fish.




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