Wild-Caught Smoked Cisco’s harvested from Lake Winnipeg. A true compliment to the original smoked Chub.

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Our Cisco’s are commercially harvested in Canada from the waters of Lake Winnipeg. If you like smoked Chubs you may want to give our Cisco’s a try. They meet all of the criteria of a smoked Chub. The oil content, flavor profile, and consistency of the Cisco make this item the closest thing on the market to a smoked Chub. Our Cisco’s are larger than the Chub and smaller than our Herring. We are seeing around two to the LB. Many years have passed and our customers have been asking for smoked Chubs and now we have a solution! We hope you enjoy our Cisco’s as much as we do!

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Weight .90-1.10 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 2 x 1 in