Our Story

Bearcat’s Fish House is a seafood fish market located in Algoma and Green Bay, Wisconsin. We offer quality seafood items to our customers at low costs. We currently stock several hundred seafood items ranging from Shrimp and Lobster to Grouper and Halibut. As a retail and wholesale distributor, we have access to nearly all types of wild and farm raised seafood on the market. We are proud to provide quality seafood to all of our customers in retail and wholesale settings.

Bearcats Fish House was established by Bearcat and Linda Berkovitz in Algoma, Wisconsin in 1986. In 1997, it moved to its current location, the retail store was expanded and new products were added. In 2012, owernship transferred to Billy and Nicole Smith and the company has continued to grow since the transition. In 2019, Bearcats acquired Seaway Foods Company in Howard, Wisconsin and added a Green Bay location.

At Bearcats, we process and smoke our products on site under State and Federal guidelines using traditional smoking methods. Our products are cured and smoked with local hardwoods creating a uniquely desirable taste. Our strong ties to local commercial fishermen, allow us to provide fresh fish from the surrouding Great Lakes. Bearcats Fish House was named a Wisconsin Choice Destination Business for its fresh, frozen and smoked seafood items.



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